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Snuggle Sounds Sleep Music App on the iPhone XS

Snuggle Sounds is your key to better sleep and relaxation. Snuggle’s sleep music and sounds work beautifully for the whole family: newborn babies, infants, children and adults. It is the only app that automatically balances the sound to match your child’s age, and offers a uniquely simple way to personalise the balance to your own mood and tastes.

Every sound  in the Snuggle Sounds App can alter to fit your mood and taste, or to suit your baby or family. 

It’s not just for children. All ages use Snuggle Sounds to relax, unwind and help with sleep issues and insomnia.

‘Finally! A sleep music app that works for my baby girl. Thank you!’ – Dan G

‘The sound quality is amazing, it’s so relaxing. Love the purring cat and rain forest.’ – Helen H

Developed by a multi-million selling musician, songwriter and a small team in a state-of-the-art UK recording studio, Snuggle Sounds brings the talent and technology usually reserved for top ten albums to a dedicated sleep and relaxation app.

Snuggle Sounds offers a wide range of beautifully recorded music and sounds, from stunning ambient compositions and classical lullabies to real-life recordings like waves on the beach, cats purring, white noise and binaural beats. Every single sound can be mixed and matched to your tastes with beautifully simple controls.

The Snuggle Sounds app does not require an internet or cell connection to work – you can play it for as long as you like with no data charges and in locations with little or no connectivity: planes, boats, trains – anywhere you need to relax.

  • Elegantly Simple

    Swipe through the amazing collection of relaxing sounds and music and tap to play, or choose from a list of categories and tracks with the Sounds button. Set the countdown timer to pause playback after you have fallen asleep, or tap the balance button to adjust the sound to your taste. It’s simple to save and recall your own favourites, and you can add family members individually to keep their favourites separate from yours. Twist the app to landscape for a low-brightness screen saver and countdown that won’t hurt your eyes if you wake.

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  • A Huge Selection Of Music And Sounds

    Snuggle Sounds includes a series of unique Ambient and Meditative Tracks, composed and recorded exclusively for the App, as well as Natural World recordings including Waves, Crickets, Caves, Purring Cats, Rain, Fountains, Lakes, Wind, Rainforests, Birds, Fireside and Heartbeats. Comfort sounds include Steam Trains, Vacuums, Washing Machines, Driers, Cars, Buses, Fans, Diving, Construction, Canteens, Orchestra, Clocks, White Noise and Pink Noise. Classical Music Boxes include Mozart, Debussy, Beethoven, Bach and Verdi. There’s also a selection of Binaural Beats, including Alpha, Theta and Delta Waves.

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  • Personalise Your Sounds

    Every single music track can be balanced to your own tastes and mood. Balancing is unique to Snuggle Sounds, and can change the sound radically – bright or dark, near or far, fast or slow, more nature or less music. We know that everybody’s taste is different – what relaxes a newborn will likely not work for an adult. Balancing allows each sound to be modified and moulded to match the listeners age and preferences. Snuggle Sounds comes set up with presets for all ages to get you started, and any changes you make are instantly saved for later.

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  • Save Your Favourites

    Save any sounds, music or personal sound balances as a favourite for easy recall later. It’s also simple to add other people to the app with their own set of different favourites to keep things organised. Add completely free accounts for the whole family to store their own settings on this one single app.

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  • Sleep Timer

    Set an automatic timer from between five minutes and twelve hours to gradually count down the time to the app automatically pausing the sound. Drift off relaxing in the knowledge that you won’t wake up with the music still playing, and it’s simple to adjust if you do wake up and want it to play for longer.

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‘I can’t believe it works so well. I fell asleep in fifteen minutes.’ – John S

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